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We help clients present conferences and seminars their audience deem Successful, Motivational, Influencial, Engaging and Effective (SMILEs. Our goal in every event we undertake and with every client we work with are clear delivery of messages and 100% audience attention, as we firmly believe that effective meeting outcomes lead to successful sales and collaborations.

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engage audience effectively


100% audiences participation


instant secure data


Engaging audience with our Ascension Connex Instant Audience Response System has proved to be highly effective in getting participation and reaction. It is simple to use and is 100% reliable!


Achieving 100% audience participation is possible at any live event. Our Instant Audience Response System allows instantaneous presentation of results and engagement with the speaker.


Enjoy Instant Secure Data with our ARS. NO WIFI, NO Internet needed. It's 100% Secure!


impactful visual presentation


winning presentation skills


voice coaching


Turn every presentation into effective engagements. Our Presenter Tools help deliver your message with impact and leave imprints long after the event is over.


Deliver presentations that win over your audience. Our Presenter's Voice shows you how to connect with and motivate your audience.


OWN your voice at every turn. We guide you in being the voice to Motivate, Inspire, Empower, Educate and Engage your listeners!


international audience participation


professional trained interpreters


zero downtime conference technologies


Give every one of your delegates an optimal conference experience. We guarantee reliable simultaneous interpretation at every live international conference.


Be assured of the quality of messages delivered. We work only with trained professional interpreters who maintain a high AIIC standard.


Enjoy clear delivery of messages with our latest state-of-the-art conference microphones, dome cameras and audio-visual solutions.

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