about us


audience engagement specialist


Ascension Connex specialises in achieving excellent audience engagement at live workshops, seminars, conferences and events.

We facilitate our clients in delivering their messages effectively and creating the impression they desire.

We enable organisers and speakers to know the thoughts of their audience, so as to get them to participate more, learn deeper and react further!


our strength lies in our team


The reason for our continued success in delivering successful audience engagements lies in our in-house team of AV Specialists, IT Professionals, experienced Conference Interpreters and Content Editors.

Though specialists in their respective field, every member works hand-in-hand in every event to ensure

• the true essence of every presentation is delivered
• organisers, speakers and delegates always receive the best possible conference experience.


about founder


Alena is at helm of Ascension Connex, playing a key role in ensuring successful audience engagement at every live event the company undertakes.

From understanding clients' requirements to customising cost-effective solutions, Alena takes pride in enabling clients to deliver effective engaging presentations.

A seasoned professional managing MICE events since 2008, Alena has more than 13 years of successful sales and business development experience in technical enterprise applications, and has served several large MNCs, including Fortune 500 companies.

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