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turn your audience into fully engaged participants


In any workshop or conference, your audience wants to be inspired with fresh insights and you want your message to result in authentic client relationships!

Asian audiences, however, are remarkably reticent. Any question asked is likely to be greeted by silence or at most a few nods.

Our Ascension Connex Instant Audience Response Systems (ARS) is the singular tool that makes it possible for you, the organiser, to DRIVE MEANINGFUL CONVERSATIONS and have TWO-WAY DIALOGUES WITH YOUR AUDIENCE.

By simply utilizing our in-house ARS Keypad or ARS Mobile App, your audience can communicate their opinion and feedback in an EASY, NON-THREATENING way. In turn, you as the organiser, can see their responses real-time, present their feedback onscreen, and address their concerns simultaneously.


ARS Keypad -
100% Secure! 100% Reliable


Ascension Connex's ARS Keypad works straight out the box.

Highly versatile and simple-to-use, the ARS Keypad can be applied in multi-mode Q&A sessions, live polls, and focus group discussions of any size. All response may be collated and organised for a follow-up conversation or sales conversion.

There is no need to access Wifi and internet, or download any applications or access any web brower. It is 100% Secure, 100% Reliable so you are guaranteed no downtime at all your events.

In short:

Very Simple To Use.
A mere touch on the ARS keypad captures the responses of participants instantly and the results are displayed instantly on the screen.

100% Secure.
The ARS runs from its own dedicated laptop, so there is no risk of data leak. You know exactly where your data is.

100% Reliable.
All ARS keypads come pre-tested for 100% reliability. Backup equipment including a backup laptop, is provided at all events so there is always a backup system if the unexpected happens. On top of that, all data can be recovered quickly should a system trip ever happen.


ARS Mobile App -
Capturing Every Participant's Feedback


Ascension Connex's ARS Mobile App makes it possible to engage large numbers of participants simultaneously, even when audiences number in the thousands.

Using a web browser, presenters may pose multiple-choice questions with predefined answers for participants to vote. Presenters may also pose open-ended questions that participants can respond to with free-form text answers.

Presenters may see the poll results real-time, reveal the correct answers and share the poll results with the audience. In the case of quizes, participants may even be notified on the results of their answers.


ARS Feedback System -
Instant Response. Instant Results. Instant Reports.


Get the response and poll results you want instantly!

Ascension Connex ARS Feedback System can collate all responses from the audience into the format desired, and present it immediately on screen to amplify the dynamism of your presentation.

Specific extraction of data and customised reports may even be organised during the presentation to give your audience the information they want - a feature that never fails to increase the excitement in the room.

What's more - you can evaluate learning as you go, adapt presentations and even arrange the results in a manner that delivers an impactful conclusion!

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