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In any live seminar, conference or event, the experience of participants and delegates is key to how successful your event is.

With MEANINGFUL PRESENTATIONS delegates are able to bring back the true essence of key messages, regardless of their native language.

With MEANINGFUL DIALOGUES participants are able to connect and form BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES that extend relationships into beneficial networks.

With MEANINGFUL EXPERIENCES delegates are able to see the REAL VALUE in spending time and money in attending your live events everytime!


Professional Interpretation


Meaningful communication should be the backbone of any live event and language should never be a barrier.

Around the world, where only 20 per cent of the population speaks English, there will always be speakers and delegates at international events who are more comfortable in their native launguage.

At Ascension Connex, we know the frustration of not being able to fully understand and participate in live events. We offer on-site interpretation services that allow every participant at your event to understand the content – in their own language.

We specialise in English to Mandarin interpretation, and vice versa, as well as interpretation into Korean, Japanese, Thai and Bahasa Indonesia. Depending on the needs of delegates, we provide Simultaneous Interpretation, Whispered Interpretation and Consecutive Interpretation to enable smooth communication.

In short:

Interpreters are your voices at your international meetings.

Ascension Connex's team of professionally trained conference interpreters are specially selected for their aptitude in grasping the true intent of messages and conveying them from one language to another.

Highly experienced in supporting international summits, seminars, and multi-national conferences, our professional interpreters have the capabilities to deliver interpretation according to the needs of delegates.

• Simultaneous Interpretation
In simultaneous interpretation, our interpreters deliver interpretation real-time. The speakers do not have to pause and wait for the interpretation to be delivered. They can deliver their presentation while our interpreter translates the speech within a designated interpreters' box or area.

Highly recommended if smooth flow of presentation is critical and time is of the essence, simultaneous interpretation ensure delegates remain focused and attentive.

• Whispered Interpretation
Often used in small groups, our interpreter stands or sits with the delegates and translates the speech directly to the delegates.

Highly effective at bilateral meetings where the participants do not speak the language of the facilitator, Whispered Interpretation saves time as compared with Consecutive Interpretation. It is also suitable in occasions where participants have to be on the move, such as in gallery tours.

• Consecutive Interpretation
A widely used form of interpretation, our interpreter listens and waits for the speaker to pause, then repeats what has been said in the targeted language.

Considerably cheaper as specialist equipment or complex planning is not needed, consecutive interpretation does not happen in true real-time and time must be provided to facilitate the interpretation.


Event Webcast


In any live meeting, seminar or conference, you have the potential of reaching audiences who are not able to travel to the event.

With Ascension Connex's Event Webcast, you can expand your reach to people located anywhere with access to the internet, and deliver your message to a wider target audience.

In short:

Ascension Connex's Event Webcast is an integrated suite of media streaming services that enable high-quality webcasts across multiple platforms, including desktop computers, tablets and smartphones.

Available live and on-demand, our webcast suite ensure delivery with speed, precision and reliability to any participant with access to the internet.

What this includes:

  • Full coverage of event
  • Onsite Encoder to support live streaming
  • On-the-fly Transcoding to support the latest delivery formats
  • Security and all-round protection of data


Conference Microphones


Where business meetings and multi-national seminars require participants to discuss issues and contribute to topics, it is a must to have a microphone system that allows participants to speak without hassle.

Ascension Connex Conference Microphone System is a highly robust microphone system that enables meeting delegates to hear and be heard by one other.

Highly effective in facilitating interactive discussions even amongst delegates speaking multiple languages, our Conference Microphones may be used in small boardroom metting, mid-sized seminars and even in conferences with over 500 delegates.

In short:

Our Conference microphones may be used in interactive discussions of any scale.

Designed as “Push to Talk” microphones, delegates activate the microphone when they wish to speak, thus eliminating any unintended side comments.

Also built with a “Voice Mode”, these microphones can be used Hands Free where the microphones detect the person speaking and automatically turn themselves on.

Highly versatile, our Conference Microphones can be integrated with Simultaneous Interpretation Systems as well as Video Conferencing and Teleconferencing systems.

Ascension Connex Conference Microphone System is ideal for :

  1. Small Board rooms
  2. Focus groups
  3. School boards
  4. Mid-sized Conferences and meetings
  5. Classrooms and educational seminars
  6. Parliamentary and government settings
  7. Major Conferences with 500+ participants
  8. International Conferences, Bi-lateral Trade Negotiations

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