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Effective presentations don't just happen.

To leave a deep impression on the audience, presenters need to be able to use their VOICE in a manner THAT INTERESTS, CONVINCES AND EXCITES their audience.

Regardless of the topic or scale of presentation, presenters need captivating VISUAL presentations THAT CAN ADD 'OOMPH' to their speech.

At Ascension Connex, we offer Presenter Tools that equip you, the Presenter, with essentials to turn your presentations into effective audience engagements.

The Presenter's Voice is a proven programme that guides you in using your voice effectively as an engaging speaker. The Presenter's Visual Aids offers an arsenal of know-hows in delivering the impression you want your audience to have.


The Presenter's Voice


The presenter's voice is key in any presentation.

The tone, articulation, pauses, emphasis, inflection and body language used go a long way in determing– how confident you sound, how convincing your presentation is, how energised your audience is by your presentation.

Ascension Connex's The Presenter's Voice is a proven programme that helps mid-to-senior-level executives, trainers and presenters communicate their messages in an engaging manner.

Highly recommended for any executive who needs to address colleagues, management and clients, The Presenter’s Voice is the programme that can turn you into the confident person that people flock to listen.

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In short:

The way you speak, and position your body have an impact on the image you present to your audience.

The Presenter's Voice is designed to guide you in delivering clearly and confidently when presenting to colleagues, management and clients.

For mid-to-senior-level executives who need to present reports, pitch ideas to colleagues or mangement, we guide you in using your voice and body language to deliver your ideas clearly so as to interest your audience and win them over.

For trainers, presenters and facilitators who need to conduct in-house trainings or sales semiars, we guide you in using your voice to deliver a positive impression of your confidence and knowledge, even though you may be a bundle of nerves.

What this programme offers:

  • Voice training and projection : learn voice techniques in tone modulation, articulation, pauses, emphasis, inflection to communicate effectively and deliver messages in the way it is intended
  • Stage presence : understand fear to overcome stage fright and position your body to project confidence on stage
  • Content delivery and emphasis : learn techniques in understanding your audience and adapting your presentation to connect with your audience


The Presenter's Visual Aids


Presentation slides are important VISUAL AIDS in bringing your message to your audience effectively.

Well-crafted presentation slides help you tell your story in a coherent, easily understandable manner. When supported with well-designed graphics and animations, they demonstrate details effectively and leave a lasting impression.

Ascension Connex's The Presenter's Visual Aids is a hands-on session where we guide you in optimising your presentation slides to deliver the essence of your messages.

What this programme offers:

  • A one-on-one walk-through of your presentation slides with our writer-editor to angle your message, organise information, identify gaps and refine the content.
  • A dedicated workshop to guide you in optimizing your Presentation with appropriate graphics, videos, audios & animations
  • An arsenal of tools you can use to add oomp to your Presentation

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